Burglary Repair Boarding.24/7 service available. Locksmith Portsmouth.

 Boarding/Burglary Repair Service. Available24/7.Locksmith Portsmouth.

          Boarding/Burglary Repair Service.                          Available24/7.Locksmith Portsmouth.               Remember that there is NO call centre to contact-- Phone ME..Speak to ME.. "I AM YOUR LOCAL" Emergency Locksmith Portsmouth, not a National company that has a phone in every city in Hampshire. These firms HAVE higher overheads that NEED paying for unlike your Locksmiths Portsmouth

   Your Independent Emergency Portsmouth locksmiths  for ALL Portsmouth postcodes  and Surrounding areas.

 Emergency 24 hour locksmith Portsmouth and  Boarding service & call out is always available on any day from portsmouth locksmiths Lock-on Security
For all non emergency call outs ( Booked in advance) a discount is available , this can be for lock repairing or changing , fitting, Home security checks new Euro Cylinders, UPVC mechanisms or 5 Lever insurance standard Mortice Locks to external doors.
Phone  "Lock-on Security" to Book a visit in office hours. For any Emergency Locked out situation- Phone Lock-on Security your 24 Hour locksmiths Portsmouth service for a quick response to your Property.
ANY Enquires can be sent via email for your convenience to your  Emergency Locksmiths Portsmouth  at the following address.
  E-mail: lockstuff@hotmail.co.uk
    Yale Locks supplied and Fitted by Portsmouth locksmith "Lock-on Security"
All types of Locks fitted for the Security of your home, upgrade your Security To Keep ALL YOUR home Secure at all times. Your Locksmiths Portsmouth Lock-on Security can advise on security upgrades, secure locks for all Wooden or UPVC doors... For your peace of mind.. Do not pay your Insurance company any excess fees..
 Digital Locks from your Portsmouth Locksmith service
Additional security will NOT COST you much, there is many ways to use your budget to keep your home secure for you with your 24 Hour Locksmith Portsmouth Lock-on Security
 Keys cut by your Portsmouth Locksmiths
Remember to Order extra spare keys when you decide the Style, security of your locks. Extra Spare keys can be ordered with your New locks. This will save you money, just let Lock-on Security your Locksmiths  - Lock-on Security, know how many keys you need with each lock when ordered ,or you can even get Locks on all your external doors that can opened with just one key as long as its the same type of Lock on All the Doors.  



  • Repairing and Replacing doors damaged by Burglary, Vandals, Forced Entry by Police,Fire and Storm.
  • Locks Replaced and Repaired – New Keys supplied after Burglary
  • Frames repaired and reinforced. Locks replaced, supplied and fitted
  • Night Time and Holiday Service
  • No Call Out Fee


                            "KEEP YOUR HOMES SECURE"                      With Portsmouth Locksmith "Lock-on Security"      The best way to protect your home from the outside is to survey it with the eyes of a burglar. If you can easily tell that a window could be pried open, a thief will definitely be able to come to the same conclusion. You can even contact your local police department and they’ll provide a courtesy home assessment that can help you identify your home’s weak spots.

  While you’re checking for vulnerable spots, take note of any expensive electronics, art, or furniture that is easily spotted through windows. You don’t have to redecorate your entire home to keep expensive items out of sight, but it doesn’t hurt to make small adjustments where you can.      Any open exterior window or door is an invitation for burglars to easily enter your home, so keep them shut and securely locked whether you’re home or not. Don’t underestimate strong window locks, and update them if needed. Thieves know how to spot weak locks that would be easily forced open. Make sure exterior doors have deadbolt locks. Sliding doors should have vertical bolts and a metal or wooden rod in the track to prevent being forced open or doors being lifted off the track. Never leave your home without locking the front door, no matter how brief your trip. Even if it’s pouring rain, don’t forget to take the extra moment to lock up. Burglars don’t take days off due to weather!

  Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home by installing locked gates, 2 metre minimum fencing or walls. Trellis topping also makes climbing difficult. Security lighting can be used to make offenders feel vulnerable and observed.

   Illuminate high risk areas and make sure it’s easy for you to see people approaching. Fit padlocks and hardware to shed and garage doors. Securely lock all doors and shut all windows before leaving the house. It’s easy to forget when you’re in hurry, but it’s the simplest way for a burglar to enter your home. Never leave keys anywhere near the front door, including your letterbox; burglars know where to look. Make sure that passers-by can see the front of your home so that a burglar can’t work without being seen. Remove and secure items that may be used to break in or climb up such as ladders and garden tools.

  A home that looks empty is far more likely to be targeted by a burglar, so it’s worth making sure your home looks occupied. Do not close your curtains during the daytime; this can suggest your home is empty. Use automatic timer-switches to turn on a light and perhaps a radio when it goes dark, even if you are just going out for a couple of hours. If you’re away for longer periods of time, cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries. A pile of post on the doormat is a clear sign that you are away. Ask a trusted neighbour to clear your post away, or use Royal Mail’s “keepsafe” service; they will keep your mail for up to two months. A neighbour may also be able to help you by opening and closing curtains and even parking their car on your driveway. Work with your neighbours to keep an eye on each other’s security, Neighbourhood Watch groups are good for this. And of course, make sure that you lock all doors and windows and set your burglar alarm if you have one....


Boarding up windows and doors is a fast and efficient way of securing your properties windows. A properly secured entrance makes it impossible to enter without extreme force.


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